What We Do

We work with community partners to proactively acquire real estate in order to preserve affordable housing and allow people to stay in their neighborhoods. We support our community partners on a community decision-making process to determine the best end use for real estate. By creating and implementing real estate strategies we help communities achieve their visions.

Activities include:


Land Assembly

Strategic land assembly and site prep in service of implementing a community vision.


Site Control

Bringing site control to community decision-making process.


Prevent Displacement

Preventing displacement by acquiring and improving units.



Guiding necessary redevelopment processes in support of tenants and the community.

Additional Services We Provide

  • Real estate and development strategy
  • Vacant property solutions
  • Land Use Planning
  • Community-based property management
  • Integrated real estate-based crime prevention strategies
  • People programs: Identifying partners to ensure there is a comprehensive program in place to support vulnerable residents

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