How We Work

In order to successfully work in any neighborhood, we must establish a working relationship based on trust and transparency, and put the necessary measures in place to ensure local decision-making regarding real estate transactions.

Our Process

Regional Board of Directors

Rising Tide Partners (RT) is governed by a regional board that ensures the organization remains financially sound, and is looking at the issues surrounding affordable housing in a holistic way.

Respects local community decision-making

Raises capital so that community interventions can be at the scale of the problem

Manages real estate risk to ensure loans get paid back

Provides real estate and development strategy

We establish the following in any neighborhood where we are invited to work to ensure the community’s vision becomes a reality:

A local LLC: a partnership between the local organization and RTP to execute real estate transactions

Local LLC board: governs the local LLC

  • Comprised of equal parts local community reps, RTP board members, and the Executive Director from RTP to ensure that decisions are made together
  • Leads engagement in the neighborhood
  • Execute real estate transactions based on a community process
  • Supported by local advisory committee

Local Advisory Committee (10-12 people): a community formed committee to guide real estate work

  • Practical place where plans, strategies and decisions are formulated
  • Help to identify properties, and site assembly for developments
  • Ensure consistency with any community plans, including goals of non-displacement

Rising Tide Partners Staff

In order to support the activities in each community, our team members both support the community collaboration process, assist with fundraising as needed, and provide technical support to complete real estate transactions.