Mission + Vision

It is hard to underestimate the damage done to urban neighborhoods and communities of color by historic legal segregation and modern systemic injustices. Residents, however, have proven their resiliency by leading non-profit efforts to bring about restoration. These community visions and actions show us a hopeful future.

Visions for restoration continue to be thwarted by a complicated enemy: Systemic Injustice in real estate. 

Vile assumptions about who is valuable colors the real estate market and drives damaging patterns of development. The old red lines around neighborhoods have faded to a line of blight.

Without investment, homes rot away and residents leave. Public land systems are overwhelmed by the scale of the abandoned property problem so blight advances. 

With investment comes the threat of gentrification.Absentee landlords buy up properties, and if values rise, vulnerable families are displaced.

Real estate markets respond to blight lines. Redevelopment risks gentrification. And yet, it is not hopeless.

We are willing to act on the hope that communities can be restored without displacing vulnerable residents. With wise strategies, community partnerships, site control, and the right types of capital, a just future can be developed. We have experience that it can be done.

Rising Tide Partners is a non-profit community land recycler, not a private for-profit land developer. We connect strategies for restoration with real estate site control. We protect vulnerable residents. We turn community visions into reality.

The time has come.

Our Mission

Rising Tide Partners collaborates with neighborhood organizations and residents to implement their community vision by employing restorative real estate practices, laying the groundwork for the wealth building and stability of residents who have suffered from systemic injustices in land-use decisions.

Our Vision

  • Communities have sufficient site control to guide the redevelopment process.
  • Non-profit site control ensures that existing residents are not displaced.
  • The work of community restoration is done through inclusive processes.
  • The community’s vision for real estate becomes a reality.
  • Residents can build wealth and achieve stability through home-ownership.
  • Families can remain permanently rooted in their communities, and live in well-maintained, safe, and permanent affordable housing.

Our Values

  • Authentic partnerships with communities
  • Only work where we are invited
  • Shared leadership
  • Transparency with local organizations and partners
  • Restorative real-estate practices (as opposed to exploitative practices)
  • Local control of land use
  • Community partners are the stewards of community plans
  • Land used towards community benefitProfits (if any) are shared
  • Respect community plans and vision documents