Our Mission

Rising Tide Partners collaborates with neighborhood organizations and residents to implement their community vision by employing restorative real estate practices, laying the groundwork for the wealth building and stability of residents who have suffered from systemic injustices in land use decisions.

Our Vision

Communities have sufficient site control to guide the redevelopment process and ensure that existing residents are not displaced.
The community’s vision for real estate becomes a reality.
All residents can build wealth and achieve stability through homeownership.
Families can remain permanently rooted in their communities, and live in well-maintained, safe, and permanent affordable housing.

What We Do

• Land assembly and site prep in service of implementing a community vision.

• Bringing site control to community decision making process.

• Preventing displacement by acquiring, improving and guiding necessary redevelopment processes

Services We Provide:

• Real estate and development strategy.

• Support communities in identifying most vulnerable properties and gain site control.

• Operationalizing existing affordable housing plan.

• Planning: work with the community to determine best use for the land.

• Community-based property management: Create a system to ensure proper maintenance, and integrate real estate-based crime prevention strategies

• People: bring non-profit and public sector partners together to ensure there is a comprehensive program to support vulnerable residents 

The Rising Tide Team







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Kendall Pelling

Executive Director


Joseph Wingenfeld

Project Manager


Ivette Mongalo-Winston

Governance-Communications Consultant